2023 July 10 The Bryan Hyde Show

Discouragement is pretty common right now among those who are paying attention. Richard Chiero has some great insights into the underlying, uncomfortable reality at the core of America’s malaise.

Much of today’s schooling is based in emotion rather than traditional learning. Annie Holmquist makes a strong case that emotion-based learning is not the education that our children need.

Medical self-sufficiency is becoming a necessity for anyone who is serious about his or her freedom. Allen Stevo describes the end of the fat libertarian and the reason we need to take better care of ourselves.

If you need a quick but effective reset of your perspective, Paul Rosenberg suggests a simple way to do it: Think about the last time you held a baby.

A good measure of our societal decline is how reflexively our media jumps to defend the indefensible. The film “Sound of Freedom” is being panned by pundits who seem determined to defend child trafficking.


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