2023 Jan 9 The Bryan Hyde Show

Even though most of us have heard of the FTX cryptocurrency fiasco, we’d be hard pressed to explain exactly what happened. Paul Rosenberg has a brilliant synopsis of the FTX heist, in brief. Definitely worth a read.

Some things are worth defending, no matter how hopeless it may seem at the moment. Jay Davidson reminds us that before can defend our society, we must know ourselves. That means knowing what came before us.

Do you still trust your doctor like you did before covid? Many of us are struggling with trust issues based on what we’ve experienced. James Howard Kunstler says we need to see some sincere repentance by the medical community.

The hard economic reality is that we cannot stop the crash/reset that is headed our way. However, as Brandon Smith explains, there may be a way to create a parallel economies that will allow us to abandon the doomed systems.

Do you ever struggle with the thought that life is meaningless? Todd Hayen has an interesting take on a meaningless life and why there may be dark forces that are trying to make us feel that way.

You don’t have to be a fanboy of Dr. Jordan Peterson to understand why he enjoys such broad appeal. His refusal to bend the knee to the woke has some members of officialdom calling for Peterson’s re-education. Their threats are really a warning to the rest of us.


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