2023 Jan 23 The Bryan Hyde Show

As a member of Gen X, one of the biggest generational shifts in my lifetime is the shift from personal to positional morality. Robin Koerner explains how seeking to control others rather than yourself is changing our society.

Is it true that only a moral people can be free? Paul Rosenberg’s take on this question is worth considering.

Trying to persuade your fellow countrymen that right and wrong still exist, is a battle few are willing to fight. Anthony Esolen notes that a massive effort at moral rebuilding is necessary and needs to start sooner than later.

Free speech matters more than we might think. Julian Adorney and Mark Johnson say that the opponents of free speech are gaining ground and we need to fight back.

Few things will stop our personal success in its tracks like a victim mindset. Mark Johnson has an interesting solution as he teaches how to cultivate an internal locus of control that puts you in charge of your life.


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