2023 Feb 6 The Bryan Hyde Show

Thara Tenney is the daughter of LaVoy Finicum and the author of the book “Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent.” She joins me to talk about her dad, the injustice of his murder and how his mission of freedom continues.

Why are bombarded with so much propaganda and misinformation? Check out Paul Rosenberg’s latest essay for an excellent explanation of why information is broken.

Last week Chloe Cole came to Idaho to speak to citizens and legislators about the burgeoning transgender movement that is working to seduce and indoctrinate our children. Brian Almon has a marvelous essay on the irreversible damage that the woke cult is causing.

Why to I have an axe to grind with the legacy media? Because they’ve ceased to be a platform for objective truth and primarily serve as narrative managers. Sasha Stone explains how a blue check Democrat lost her trust in the media.

Each of us has a line in the sand that must not be crossed. Mine is gun control. D. Parker spells out how gun control kills people and why it must be resisted without compromise.


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