2023 Feb 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s a sad truth of our time that the lust to control other people is producing a clear herd mentality. Bruce Berres has some solid advice on how to break free from the herd.

Critical race theory treats slavery as leverage to obtain power over others. If you want to understand the history of slavery that you probably weren’t taught in school, Lawrence W. Reed has a far more accurate accounting.

The parallels between Russia’s Bolshevik revolution and what’s happening in America today are getting tough to ignore. D. Parker has an enlightening take on cultural guerrilla warfare and how to fight the anti-freedom far-left at the grassroots level.

If you haven’t started plotting how you’ll avoid the digital prison of CBDCs, now is the time to start. Nick Giambruno has 5 way to opt out of this dystopian future.

How much of what our government and its media lackeys tell you do you believe? J.B. Shurk notes that, historically, constant government lies are what spark resistance movements.


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