2023 Aug 8 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s our weekly chat with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. We talk about the outlawing of certain lightbulbs and other current happenings of note.

Would you know if a tyrant was working to bring you under his control? Annie Holmquist shares 3 signs by which you can know that you’re dealing with a tyrant.

If you haven’t seen the knife-wielding robber who catches a world class beatdown from the employees of the store he’s ransacking, it’s memorable. Michael Herman has a brilliant synopsis of what this event reveals about society and about each of us.

Article of the Day:

It seems clear now that the doctors who authored a paper on the proximal origin of covid were persuaded to write a paper that denied what they believed among themselves. Jon Miltimore says now other scientists are calling their paper a “fraud” and “scientific misconduct.


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