2023 Aug 10 The Bryan Hyde Show

How do you know that what you’re thinking is real? Dr. John C. Pulver stops by to talk about the importance of knowing what’s influencing your thinking from within and from without.

Despite claims to the contrary, the nuclear family is not a figment of our nostalgic imaginations. Dennis M. O’Connor describes how the family unit is being targeted for destruction by low integrity ideologies.

Al Sharpton’s take on American history is…lacking in many respects. Annie Holmquist what Sharpton could learn from Jefferson and Madison regarding education.

Of all the conflicts raging in our world today, the battle for your mind is the most concerning. Doug Casey has a great breakdown of the information war currently underway.

Article of the Day:

The beauty of the free market is that all transactions are voluntary. George Leef explains why everyone should have the freedom to contract or not.


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