2023 Apr 3 The Bryan Hyde Show

While the political left celebrates its anticipated destruction of Donald Trump, there’s a bigger picture to keep in mind. Jeffrey A. Tucker reminds us that the emergency that began 3 years ago is not over and it’s an emergency of unrestrained government.

If you want a no-hold-barred take on what the Trump indictment amounts to, Tom Luongo is terrific. He says this indictment signals the end of U.S. politics.

There’s no shortage of controversy over what is being taught in our government schools. Jacob Hornberger offers an effective, common sense solution: separate school and state.

The inversion of reality always starts with language. If you’ve been struggling to translate what the people who wish to dominate you are actually saying, this primer from M.B. Matthews should be helpful.

To fully appreciate the perversion of justice that Jan 6 defendants are facing, you must understand how weaponized the “justice” system has become. Julie Kelly’s latest column on the type of jurors allowed is shocking, to put it mildly.


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