2022 Oct 7 The Bryan Hyde Show

There’s no better illustration of legal plunder than the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars the U.S. has been sending to Ukraine. Ron Paul explains how it’s a classic case of throwing good money after bad.

In the same sense that you can’t be hypnotized against your will, you must also consent to be propagandized. Daniel Lattier explores how propaganda works because some people actually want it.

When you see a headline that claims “Covid death rates are higher among Republicans than Democrats” you have to wonder where such thinking leads. Will we be required to declare our political affiliation when seeking medical care?

I’ve shared a number of articles from historian Robert E. Wright over the years. Today, it’s my privilege to have him as my guest. We talk about the book he co-wrote about the life of investor activist Wilma Soss as well as what’s happening economically.


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