2022 Oct 5 The Bryan Hyde Show

As much as we may wish for it, there is no place left to safely sit out the struggle for our personal liberty. Brad A. Girton has a thought-provoking essay on our own little hills and ponders whether we’ll have a Paul Revere moment of our own.

Like it or not, our entire society has been enrolled in a kind of sensitivity training. Margaret Brownley spells out who signed us up, why they’re doing it and says to our self-appointed facilitators, please don’t ask my pronouns.

Here’s an interesting question: Is our world built on relationships that are spiritually defective? Martin Geddes explains why we should be a covenant society, not a contract society.

Encountering authentic free speech on a modern higher education campus these days is about as unlikely as capturing video of Bigfoot waterskiing behind the Loch Ness monster. Charles Lipson has some thoughts on restoring free speech at our universities.

Growing your own garden has many benefits. Chief among them is a degree of personal self-reliance. Now ask yourself, why would the USDA be asking people to register their vegetable gardens for a national database?

Remember how we were commanded to “follow the science” when it was being used to lockdown our lives and livelihoods? Dr. Robert Malone sheds light on the United Nations now claiming to “own the science” in cooperation with Google.


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