2022 Oct 13 The Bryan Hyde Show

Most of what we hear about tolerance these days is being shouted at us by someone beating us over head with a sign that reads “stop the hate.” In reality, liberty is the reason for authentic tolerance. In fact, it’s the primary political virtue.

Here’s a bombshell admission: A Pfizer exec admits that they never tested the covid vaccine against preventing transmission of the virus. I’m sure the media will get right on that story and issue the necessary corrections, right? (BTW, when they say “we never said it would stop transmission of the virus” here’s the proof that they did)

Putin may be the current target of our national 2 Minutes Hate but if you’re serious about thinking for yourself, trusting media talking points is no longer an option. Take the time to read one of the better articles on what the Russian president said in his recent “evil empire” speech. It’s eye-opening.

If there was ever a place to draw your line in the sand, parental rights would be a good choice. Thaddeus G. McCotter explains why it takes their collective to kidnap your child.

We’re all looking for ways to stretch our dollars just a bit further. Jon Miltimore has some timely advice on how to eat healthily on just $3 a day.


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