2022 Nov 23 The Bryan Hyde Show

Despite the remaking of the world as a sort of woke utopia, some things will never go out of style. Jordan Alexander explains why practical skills are still king and how to learn them.

The wheels are coming off the bus for the covid narrative managers. Check out the recent White House press conference where Dr. Fauci was asked about the origins of covid and the White House press secretary attempted to shut down the discussion. Hmmm. I wonder why.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see the writing on the wall. From covid to central bank digital currencies, we are on a path to giving total control to a tiny handful of oligarchs.

The key to being able to maintain your rights in a time of growing centralized control can be summed up in four simple words: Be prepared, not scared.

What does it mean to be informed? If you’re on Facebook, check out T.K. Coleman’s take on being informed. It’s insightful.


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