2022 March 15 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Do you recall what you were doing 2 years ago? Julie Kelly has a powerful reminder of how we went from 15 days to 2 years and how March 16, 2020 should be a date that will live in infamy.

I know Ukraine is supposed to be the distraction of the moment but we cannot allow wrongs of the past two years to fade from our memories. Dr. Brian C. Joondeph warns about the continued politicization of Covid.

If you’ve had to find a new tribe due to the Covid insanity, you’re hopefully in good company now. Gabrielle Bauer has a clear message for those who chose shaming over science.

Stewing in anger and frustration doesn’t change the world for the better. But striving for the habit of personal excellence most certainly does, as Paul Rosenberg explains.

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