2022 June 9 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Anyone who is paying attention is likely asking themselves “What should I do?” as things continue to spiral out of control. A.H. Trimble has 11 suggestions that make a lot of sense.

So far, the fear and panic over monkeypox is pretty low key. Raymond J. March explains how covid and monkeypox may have significant differences but both can cause leviathan to metastasize.

You know global warming must be some serious stuff when the president starts using military powers to push green energy production. Russell Cook says it’s like the political class thinks it can sell global warming to eskimos.

The left’s hyper-focus on sexualizing children at the earliest possible age isn’t just weird. It’s a clear warning sign. Sheri Few spells out why leftists are fighting like mad to brainwash our children.

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