2022 July 28 The Bryan Hyde Show

The corporate media in Idaho is on a witch hunt these days. Seems everyone who doesn’t toe the leftist dogma is an “extremist” of some sort. Action Idaho says, there are extremists in Idaho, just not who you think.

Why is it that we never seem to hear about genuine problem solvers? It’s because the best problem solvers are usually hard at work at the individual level.

Is there nothing so outrageous that the corporate narrative managers won’t try to sell us on it? The Good Citizen highlights the latest attempt at wholesale gaslighting in which taking a nap goes from healthy to deadly. (What else could explain sudden death syndrome?)

Masks have never been about slowing the spread of the coronavirus. They are a symbol of submission and that’s why those in authority keep pushing for us to keep wearing them. Ian Miller explains how the “expert” narratives are collapsing.

If you need some incentive to support the American rancher, just consider how the beef supply is about to have a major contraction. Andrea Widburg says nature may be conspiring with leftists to ensure we’re on a grasshopper diet.

Here’s something to consider while the powers that be are busy redefining words like “recession.” Doug Casey lays out why the Greater Depression has begun and what government should (but likely won’t) do.


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