2022 July 26 The Bryan Hyde Show

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos drops by for our weekly chat. If you’ve been trying to find some good that has come from the events of the past couple of years, you’ll appreciate his take on the good things that have happened.

Are you paying attention to how the definitions of words are being changed to fit the Orwellian agenda of those in power? Jordan Schachtel describes the assault on definitions, from mRNA vaccines to economic recession.

You wouldn’t know it from what you see in your local grocery store but the world is facing a man-made food catastrophe. Carla Peeters explains why the farmers in Europe are in revolt and how without farmers there is no food and no life.

Every time you hear a politician lament that something or the other is “threatening our democracy” you can know with certainty that it’s their power that they’re afraid of losing. Gary M. Galles outlines how we’ve gone from a republic to a democracy to a kakistocracy.

Learning to think like an economist is a skill that will help you better understand how the world works and what drives our decision making. As Ninos P. Malek points out, sound economic thinking is vital for a prosperous future.


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