2022 July 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

The ongoing collapse of trust in the news media is baffling to many of those who work within it. Glenn Greenwald says liberal corporate journalists still don’t grasp how despised and impotent they are thanks to their activism.

No matter how the new kids try to reinvent the wheel every generation or so, there is genuine value in reading great books. Annie Holmquist compares a middle school reading list from 100 years ago with one from today.

It’s not enough to be a defender of freedom yourself. We have to instill an appreciation and love of liberty in our kids as well. Anthony Esolen wonders, is America raising a generation of idiots?

It’s not easy to admit that each of us has blind spots. But it’s still true. Kent McManigal connects the dots on how politics depends on blind spots.

Few things in life are as underrated as legitimate pain. It teaches us in ways that nothing else can. Jonathan Barnes has a great take on turning pain into a blessing.


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