2022 January 31 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

One of the surest indicators that a tectonic shift is underway can be seen in the pressure campaign on Spotify to remove Joe Rogan. Glenn Greenwald explains how silencing their opposition has become the religion of many liberal Democrats.

Want to know the difference between truly living and merely existing? It’s living with meaning and purpose. Barry Brownstein explains how today, you will have an opportunity to make more meaning in your life. It’s an opportunity worth seizing.

Why is it so easy to take the cowardly way out rather than to boldly make a principled stand? Like it or not, most of us have learned something about ourselves over the past two years in this regard. The Academy of Ideas has a terrific video that explores the question: why are most people cowards? It’s a study of obedience and the rise of authoritarianism.

As more and more people are finding the courage to stand up to Covid tyranny, it’s essential that we don’t allow ourselves to be drawn into a kind of mob mentality. Allan Stevo asks, are you ready for the accountability phase? He offers some very timely ideas for how we might approach this.

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