2022 January 3 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Joe Rogan is becoming a one-man clearinghouse of unapproved information. His recent interview with Dr. Robert Malone is well worth the 3 hours you’ll need to watch it. The fact that Rogan’s interviews with Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough have been yanked from YouTube & Twitter casts more doubt upon their censors than it does their message.

Dr. Malone has a commentary that he wrote this weekend about not participating in a lie. Malone wonders aloud about why doctors haven’t been allowed to freely practice medicine and why natural immunity is being downplayed by media and the medical and political establishments.

One of the more fascinating commentaries on Dr. Malone comes from Stacy Rudin. The hatchet-men journalists who are trying to marginalize physicians who stray from the Covid orthodoxy simply can’t seem to grasp that speaking the truth seldom involves some form of personal gain. They assume that everyone is as corrupt as they are.

Nothing better illustrates the open attempts to prevent the public from seeing or hearing what certain authoritarians consider “unapproved” information than how Google is memory-holing Dr. Malone. Monica Showalter says the mass psychosis spell has begun to break, in part, thanks to Malone’s efforts.

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