2022 February 15 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Eric Peters from EP Autos joins us to break down some of the current events that merit closer attention. We discuss the silence of the cases and what they don’t teach about snow driving, among other things.

Terry Hutchinson is a school board member, attorney and the host of “Bookmarks.” He joins me to discuss schools and age-appropriate materials for students. It’s a topic that school boards are finding challenging all over the nation.

There’s a lot that’s just not under our control. If you’re serious about looking after the things that are under your control, habits can be a superpower. Paul Rosenberg’s latest essay is a must read.

A forgotten chapter in American history is the CB radio/trucker mania of the 1970s. Robert E. Wright has a great take on the song “Convoy” as well as the time when outlaw truckers were celebrated.

It’s very interesting every time new video emerges of the actual events of January 6, 2021. Check out the footage for yourself. It clearly shows trained, plainclothes operatives coordinating to break into the Capitol. Notice how silent the MSM is on this.

U.S. leaders seem very concerned that Russia and Ukraine will soon be at war. In fact some of them seem to be encouraging it to justify more American interventionism. Barry Brownstein reminds us that what John Quincy Adams counseled regarding foreign policy still is applicable today.

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