2022 Dec 28 The Bryan Hyde Show

You probably don’t need a lot of coaxing to get you to consider that the corporate media and big government aren’t really on your side. Here’s a remarkable article by Leighton Woodhouse about how the establishment media is rushing to defend the FBI over the Twitter files.

Matthew Boose has a terrific essay on who is trying to radicalize the right in America. It’s also a warning to the leftists trying to steamroll normal people. To paraphrase Bruce Banner, “Don’t treat me like an extremist. You wouldn’t like me when I’m an extremist.”

I’m not suggesting that everything the mainstream media says is a lie. But Bretigne Shaffer has a point when she notes that you’re unlikely to go wrong in assuming everything the MSM says about alternative medicine is false.

We’ve all heard the term “love it or leave it” when someone speaks out about what is happening to our nation. Jeff Thomas points out that, sometime soon, leaving may not be an option because our government won’t allow you to leave.

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