2022 August 8 The Bryan Hyde Show

This is a story I almost hesitate to share because it has real potential to alarm some folks. Brandon Smith has a solid grasp of why our supply chain problems will persist and how the system is being sabotaged. There’s still time to improve your position, if you’re aware of what’s happening.

The troubles that Alex Jones has faced both legally and culturally are instructive. His take on the Sandy Hook school shooting is costing him financially and places a target on the First Amendment as well. Ed Brodow says there is no right to never be offended.

If you’re serious about limiting the amount of evil that might enter the world through you, it’s critical to understand why so many go along with it. Larry Reed reminds us of Hannah Arendt and her chilling thesis on “the banality of evil.

Seth Shoultes joins me to share his thoughts on a number of topics including life and opportunity. The link to his business is in the sponsor links below.

An FBI whistleblower recently leaked documents that show how far federal law enforcement is reaching to find the “violent extremists” who threaten America. J.B. Shurk confirms that patriotism is kryptonite to America’s communist class.


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