2022 August 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

The more I read J.B. Shurk’s writing, the more I like this guy. He has a solid grasp on reality and is a champion of freedom and liberty. Here’s a great essay on how the woke inquisitors have come for the free-thinking heretics.

Allow me to lift your spirits, for a change. Every so often we need to be reminded of the best examples of humanity. Andrea Widburg has the story of 6 young men that will make you feel better about America.

Serious about making a bold stand for freedom? The most revolutionary things you can do in the cause of freedom start with what you do in your home. Jeff Minnick suggests 10 ways to make the most of the coming counter-repudiation.

We live in an age of manufactured consensus. Dr. Robert Malone has a detailed breakdown of how the administrative state, combined with bad training and bad decisions leads us deeper into groupthink.

I’ve heard a lot of different takes on the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Florida home. James Howard Kunstler has a great take on the different sort of warrant at play.


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