2022 April 4 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

How would you prioritize what has been lost over the past couple of years? Chet Richards says America is suffering from a gigantic loss of trust and restoring it isn’t going to be easy.

Maintaining one’s sense of perspective can be a challenge even when things are going well. It’s much harder to do during times of crisis. Lewis Dovland reminds us to keep the Big Picture in mind.

China is bringing back lockdowns and, in Shanghai, it’s more intense than before. Jordan Schachtel wonders what’s up with Wuhan 2.0. Is it a psyop or are they true believers?

Making fun of preppers has been a favorite pastime for many folks who consider it the realm of conspiracy kooks. Theodore Dalrymple wonders if a new age of hardship might soften our views of the self-reliant.

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