2022 April 21 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Here’s an interesting thought exercise: Imagine that you were transported back into your six year old body with all the wisdom and experience you now possess. Would anyone take you seriously? Why not? William Gillis has an interesting take on our first prison.

How important is it to be right? If you want to be capable of clear and independent thinking, you’ve got to be willing to do your own research and willing to be wrong.

The only thing sweeter than succeeding without your critics’ approval is when your critics directly contribute to your success. Andrea Widburg explains how the Washington Post has triggered the Streisand effect for Libs of TikTok.

As relieved as we might feel for seeing mask mandates fading into history, we still face a serious threat in the name of public health. Kit Knightly warns about the global pandemic treaty being pushed by the WHO.

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