2022 April 18 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The creed of statism is: “Anything that’s not under the control of the state is, by definition, out of control. As Spruce Fontaine explains, it’s something to keep in mind when asked, are you sure you want a government cryptocurrency?

Robin DiAngelo’s book on white fragility is a marvelous example of what Kafka traps are and how they work. Julian Adorney does a terrific job of pointing out how DiAngelo’s main premises are a clear departure from traditional scholarship.

If you spend much time traveling by air, you may have wondered what, exactly, airlines owe their customers. Art Carden says, Delta doesn’t owe me more legroom. His explanation is instructive.

It’s pretty stunning how seamlessly the public consciousness was shifted from obsession with a virus to obsession with Russian/Ukraine. If you don’t wish to be swept up in the current hysteria, William Bernard Butler has some sound advice for critical thinking in trouble times.

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