2022 April 15 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Are you starting to notice the pattern? The FBI supposedly stops a high profile terrorist conspiracy only to be revealed as the fabricators of the scheme. James Bovard takes us inside the FBI’s probe and entrapment of a Michigan militia crew.

The issue of free speech is seemingly coming to a head. D.F. Mulder reminds us that the pushback the left is currently getting is something they’ve brought on themselves by trying to silence others.

Is cryptocurrency here to stay or just a passing fad? Mark Jeftovic says the war on “woke” capitalism has begun and he shares 5 key takeaways regarding crypto.

Perhaps you remember the Rajneesh cult that became a power center in Oregon nearly 40 years ago. Brandon Smith explains how a study of cultism shows us why gatekeeping against leftists is a good thing.

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