2022 April 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

It should be apparent that harder times are coming. Would you rather live as a lion or a sheep? Allan Stevo reminds us that if you have problems trusting, you will have problems living a life of freedom.

I don’t know how much sleep you’ve been losing over global warming/climate change, but it’s an empty threat. Paul Rosenberg says now that we’re a third of a century into this threat, we can safely draw some conclusions.

Proposals for a convention of states to rewrite the Constitution have been around for a long time. Matt Rowe makes a very solid case that any deficiency is in our current character, not in the Constitution.

Of all the things we take for granted, the ease with which we access our food is likely at the top of the list. Robert E. Wright has a very timely recommendation to grow a liberty garden and learn how to produce more of your own food.

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