2022 April 12 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If you are still wondering why opposing lockdowns was the moral and proper thing to do, look no further than what’s happening in Shanghai. Jordan Schachtel shares the chilling reality of what a total embrace of lockdown mentality produces.

The level of outright propaganda and gaslighting that’s being blasted at us 24/7 is simply stunning. Caitlin Johnstone says if it feels like you’re being manipulated, it’s because you are.

How can you tell we’re in trouble economically? Take a look at Jon Miltimore’s latest column on why used cars are selling at higher prices right now than new cars and you’ll see what I mean.

The thought of a downshift in our standard of living is daunting to most of us. But would you rather have it come with a warning or be taken by surprise? Brandon Smith describes two economic crises that the media is currently ignoring.

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