2021 September 3 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

True confession, I’ve had a concealed carry permit for nearly 30 years. My current permit expires in a couple of years and I’m 99% sure I won’t be renewing it. I’d rather not pay the government before exercising my rights. Hannah Cox has a great explanation of why this is a good thing and how Texas was right to become the latest open carry state.

As we witness the ongoing clampdown on the populations of Australia and New Zealand, it becomes very clear that such heavy-handed tactics are only possible where the public has been disarmed. Robert Bridge explains why Americans will never surrender their guns, even if it means peace with the police.

Few people have been more maligned throughout the current pandemic than former Trump advisor Dr. Scott Atlas who questioned the effectiveness and collateral damage done by lockdown policies. The fact that he was correct is still lost on many. Atlas says science killed itself over Covid-19 by allowing those with agendas to hide behind it.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who read the fine print and those who don’t. Allan Stevo says if you’re serious about being a truth warrior, you’ve got to be willing to ask for and actually read source documents. This is so you don’t inadvertently spread bad information or allow policy-maker’s to exercise more power than they actually have.

It’s pretty commonplace now to explain the opposition to vaccine mandates on the part of the unvaccinated as the result of having been misled by “misinformation” on vaccines. That’s one possible explanation but a more likely one is the one offered by Barry Brownstein: perhaps they recognize the totalitarian roots of vaccine mandates.

Do your kids or grandkids watch Peppa Pig? I’ve yet to see the show but it’s clearly a hit among youngsters. Annie Holmquist has a timely take on what kids are absorbing from shows like this and how to raise kids who aren’t just little Peppa parrots.

You’ve likely heard that 98% of the Covid hospitalizations and deaths have been among the unvaccinated but is that correct? Daniel B. Klein has some great information on the 98% propaganda being touted by authoritarians.

A lot of big government types get squirrelly whenever 9/11 approaches. James Corbett warns that this is a good time to be skeptical, especially of breathless warnings of potential attacks for which no substantive evidence exists. Can you say false flag events?


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