2021 September 29 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Isn’t it interesting how, during the past year and a half, we’ve all been trained to classify people by profession, stigmatize the sick and now to demonize the noncompliant? Jeffrey A. Tucker says the purges have begun and a new kind of medical puritanism is taking shape.

The Biden vaccine mandates are getting more pointless by the day. Watch for more and more aspects of our lives to become subject to further mandates as everything becomes a “public health emergency” that justifies claiming even more government control.

It’s astonishing how hard the political class is pushing to consolidate its power over the people. It’s bad enough when these power-seekers and opportunists are trying to dominate foreign countries. As Mike Maharrey warns, Washington D.C.’s power over the states is looking more imperial by the day.

I’m sad to say that First Amendment Day has come and gone and I didn’t formally celebrate it. Jan Neuharth reminds us that while we may say we cherish the First Amendment’s protections, few Americans could name the five freedoms specifically protected.

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