2021 September 10 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

After Joe Biden’s latest speech, it should be painfully clear to anyone who’s paying attention that no politician, no candidate or bureaucrat at any level of government is coming to save you. You’ll be free to the exact degree that you’re willing to be defiant. Olivia Rondeau has a marvelous essay on the timeless tradition of non-compliance.

The folks in authority are pushing hard right now to consolidate their control over the masses. Kent McManigal serves up another excellent reminder that being against their vaccine mandates doesn’t necessarily make one an “anti-vaxxer.

The battle raging around us is a battle of ideas. Because of this, words and meanings are more important than we might think. Isaac Morehouse warns that when definitions change, take heed.

Threatening 100 million Americans with the loss of their livelihoods, unless they obey the demands to get jabbed, is a pretty sporty move. Do you really believe that those who think they’re in charge of our lives have our best interests in mind? Andrew W. Coy says we ought not live our lives in fear of a virus, in fact, he says let it find us doing the truly important things in life.

One thing is very clear, the unvaccinated have been declared fair game for the political class and their corporate enablers to demonize. Rick Fuentes has the details on our emerging Covid apartheid.

Here’s something a little bit different. Clint Eastwood has been making movies for 7 decades now. Bryan Preston has a fascinating article about the incredible gamble Eastwood took in doing the so-called spaghetti Westerns more than 50 years ago. Clearly that gamble has paid off.

The narrative managers are conspicuously quiet about the story that broke earlier this week when a Freedom of Information Act request brought out the reality that gain of function research was being funded, in part, by the U.S. government in the Wuhan lab. Paul Rosenberg notes that this confirms the awful truth that Covid is a frankenvirus and it isn’t going away.

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