2021 October 13 The Bryan Hyde Show

Would it shock you to consider the possibility that we are being conditioned to fear free speech? Jonathan Turley says politicians want us to believe that they are moving to protect us from unhealthy reading choices.

Shows like mine are there for the benefit of those who have become aware of how we are being systematically manipulated and stripped of our freedoms. With that awareness comes a responsibility to be informed. Art Carden has a thought-provoking essay that asks, can you even be an “informed” citizen?

It’s tempting to shrug off the U.S. Dept of Justice mobilizing its resources to make sure parents don’t upset school board members or make educational bureaucrats feel unvalidated. But it’s a huge red flag for anyone paying attention. C. Bradley Thompson says it’s a declaration of war against the rights of parents to oversee their child’s education.

With all the political conflict that surrounds us, it’s curious that more people don’t recognize how political power has become little more than the power to bully others. Kent McManigal spells out how our preferred problem-solver is, by far, the greatest problem creator in existence.

Dr. Shanon Brooks from Monticello College joins me to talk about the Marine Corps Lt. Col. who is currently paying a high price for speaking out about the costly mistakes made in the process of leaving Afghanistan. We also discuss the emerging new economy and why it’s so essential to create your own business.

In the grand scheme of things, the revamping of Superman as a bisexual character may not be the gravest threat we face. Even so, it’s a good indicator of how we’re expected to believe that everything that came before us was wrong. It also makes for a lively discussion with British commentator and Young Voices contributor Connor Tomlinson.

Paul Rosenberg always has a principled and insightful take on current events. His latest column tackles the subject of rules versus righteousness. He points out how simply following rules is not the same thing as choosing to be righteous in our actions. This may be a tough idea for some to contemplate but it’s a difference worth understanding.

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