2021 October 12 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

I’m grateful for friends and fellow heretics like Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. Eric stops by each week for a reality-based conversation on current events and to explore how to maintain our freedom while living in clown world.

We’ve had a solid year and a half to evaluate how the various mandates, lockdowns and other official responses to Covid have panned out. We know what works and what doesn’t. Joakim Book notes the security theatre will likely continue since public health officials simply cannot admit they were wrong and will not loosen their grip on power.

We are seeing the very beginnings of a global supply chain breakdown. If you’ve found yourself wondering why so many container ships are anchored or drifting just offshore instead of being unloaded, Peter C. Earle has a very detailed explanation. The doldrums in which they’re stranded aren’t the product of nature, they’re a consequence of power being mindlessly exercised.

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