2021 November 5 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have great potential to change how we exchange and store value. Perhaps that’s why certain regulators are dying to get control of them. William J. Luther and Nicholas Cachanosky have some powerful historical perspective on what we can learn from cryptocurrencies and the National Bank Act.

I know I’m beating the drum pretty hard this week about separation of school and state. There have been a number of well-written essays on the matter and Kent McManigal’s latest “Education Must be Separate from State” is worth your time.

Now that the current administration is moving ahead with its vaccine mandates for the workforce, a lot of businesses who rejoiced when they secured federal contract work are seeing the downside. Ryan McMaken reminds us that when the feds pay the piper, they get to call the tune.

There’s propaganda and then there’s propaganda aimed at children. One of these strikes me as particularly questionable. If you haven’t seen the creepy Pfizer ad telling kids they’re superheroes for getting the Covid vax, it’s worth a watch. Has there ever been another virus (with a 99.7% survival rate) that has elicited this level of coercion to be vaxxed?


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