2021 November 4 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

I was very excited to read this article by Corinne Purtill on the five universal laws of human stupidity. Then I realized that my stupidity is part of the problem as well.

One of the biggest challenges that any of us can take on today is to remain rooted in reality while so many people and institutions around us have become detached from it. M.E. Boyd shares some powerful insights from Solzhenitsyn and asks, “has America become a realm beyond words?

The battle between parents and bureaucrats was a deciding factor in many of the upsets that took place on election night this year. Jon Hersey makes a strong case for replacing involuntary relationships with voluntary ones. He also points out a valuable lesson that we’re being taught thanks to public school pandemonium.

One of the most difficult truths that must be faced in regards to the pandemic which has turned our world upside down is that we are most likely dealing with a man-made virus. Raymond J. March reminds us that the gain of function controversy demands greater scrutiny for government-funded science.

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