2021 November 29 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Right now, the world’s leaders are mashing down on the “fear” button just as hard as they can. Our job, as sources of truth and light, is to speak the truth–with love, for the sake of those who are still reachable. Paris Williams perfectly describes how love, not fear will get us through this crisis.

Making sense of the bigger picture of what’s going on all around us requires some serious effort. Paul Rosenberg wrote about the rape of the West more than 5 years ago. His observations have held up well and offer some real insight into why our so-called leaders are so adept at bypassing morality.

One of the strongest symptoms of our societal disconnect from reality can be seen in how racially-obsessed individuals tend to label everyone who will not chant in unison with them as “racist.” Glenn Greenwald is the voice of reason on such matters as he describes the cynical and dangerous weaponization of the “white supremacist” label by the left.

People who believe in word magic tend to be the most egregious users of labels and name-callers. Like the little boy who cried wolf, there comes a point when they have no credibility. As Howard Hyde explains, when everyone’s a white supremacist, no one is.

The reinstatement of travel bans and mask mandates over the latest virus variant is a strong indicator that we’re still not in control of our own lives. Tom Slater advises that we must reject this Covid safetyism unless we want to live in a society where we can be pushed around forever.

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