2021 November 19 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

One of the strongest moves we can make in response to an eroding culture is to raise productive, capable children. Annie Holmquist has some solid reasons why your son should reconsider college and learn a trade instead.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Brandon Smith has keyed in on some of the main lessons, including how the Rittenhouse case demonstrates that the establishment favors star chamber tyranny.

Is Kyle Rittenhouse a solid citizen or a racist vigilante? It’s pretty clear where the legacy media stands on this question. Pat Buchanan has a worthwhile take on the good and bad surrounding this young man.

Here’s another story to keep your eye on: The Oklahoma National Guard’s new commanding general is not obeying the Pentagon’s mandate to vax all National Guard troops. Ryan McMaken explains how and why this has displeased the Pentagon and those working to centralize their control over the military.


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