2021 November 18 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

As often as I warn about the hazards of putting too much faith in what our corporate media is telling us, I worry that the goal of seeking out truth is obscured by the frustration I feel toward purveyors of deception. Jeff M. Lewis reminds us that we cannot allow ourselves to become divorced from the truth and wedded to the lies we’ve been told.

The buffalo-horn-wearing painted shaman who strutted around the inside of the U.S. Capitol on January 6 has been sentenced to more than 3 years in prison. Meanwhile, the Capitol Police officer who killed an unarmed protester faces no consequences whatsoever. Something is off here. Kent McManigal remind us that the U.S. Capitol belongs to the people and not to the parasites that have made it their home.

“The consent of the governed” is a phrase that should be on the lips of every person who takes his or her freedom seriously. Judge Andrew Napolitano poses some timely questions about how Leviathan is working to destroy what remains of our liberty.

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