2021 July 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The need to propaganda-proof our minds has never been stronger. Especially since there’s an active effort afoot to supress what the propagandists are calling “misinformation.” CJ Hopkins has an excellent article on the propaganda war and how to fight it.

In our minds, we all believe that we would courageously stand for the right things. In reality, most people choose to go with the flow. Isaac Morehouse explains why courage and cowardice aren’t always easy to tell apart.

The renewed push for mandates and lockdowns over what some public authorities are portraying as “an epidemic of the unvaccinated” is building in intensity. Annie Holmquist points out the cracking fault lines in their narrative and why we must be willing to do our own fact-finding.

As more and more European nations drift back toward lockdowns, there’s very little being said about Sweden. Jon Miltimore suggests there may be a reason for that. After all, he points out, Sweden didn’t lockdown yet it remains freer and healthier than virtually any other nation in Europe.


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