2021 July 21 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The worst atrocities committed throughout human history have a common component. No matter whose twisted mind conceived and ordered them, it was obedient people who ultimately carried them out. Barry Brownstein has a powerful essay on why ‘good’ people enable totalitarians. It’s a timely warning not to become an unwitting accomplice to aspiring tyrants.

If you want an excellent primer on what legitimate government should and should not do, it’s hard to beat “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat. Sophia Spinazze also has a marvelous article on why we find ourselves living under law but no order.

The two most powerful teachers unions in America have thrown their support behind the teaching of critical race theory. What’s fascinating is that they claim that those opposed to the teaching of this race-based ideology are trying to prevent the teaching of “honest history” in government schools. James Bovard sets the record straight and calls out their fraud.


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