2021 July 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The door to door ministry of the government’s vaccine missionaries is concerning enough. How far can we be from mandatory vaccinations? Donald J. Boudreaux explains why “externality” is no good excuse for such government overreach.

The catastrophic damage done by government-backed lockdowns over Covid concerns is still just beginning to be realized. James Bovard observes that the fact checkers seem to be asleep as the governors who locked down America appear to be taking victory laps over their actions.

Governments that operate in secret typically are not concerned about the consent of the governed. If that sounds like a totalitarian dictatorship, think again. Michelle Malkin has an eye-opening article about the secrecy and roadblocks with which the US government handles its no-fly list. Freedom of information isn’t as free as we were led to believe.

The prospect of well-intended government functionaries showing up on my doorstep to inquire about my vaccination status isn’t sitting well with me. Becky Akers had a few creative suggestions as to how such visitors might be handled. Here’s how you might roll out the ol’ welcome mat.


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