2021 December 7 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Speaking of avoiding reality, there’s also the matter of what is happening/being done to our economy right now. Brandon Smith warns that mainstream economists are struggling to hide the incoming economic collapse.

If you are determined to find lasting happiness throughout your life’s journey, you’ll have to learn how to strip status from your thinking. Paul Rosenberg has an interesting take on what status is and why it’s in our interest to resist pursuing it.

Given the case the American Colonies made for separating from Great Britain, would you have signed the original Declaration of Independence? How would you feel about a new Declaration of IndependenceCharles Burris has a fascinating essay on the Declaration and our civic conscience.

Rush Limbaugh used to say that abortion may be a catalyst for a civil war. Given how polarized America has become, it’s an observation that seems to have been on target. Betsy Clarke has a great breakdown of the Supreme Court’s current row over Roe v. Wade.


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