2021 December 29 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Jeff Minnick’s article on three steps toward raising tough kids is a worthwhile read. It reminded me of how my dad taught me to swim by throwing me into a lake. Getting the hang of swimming came pretty easy but getting out of the gunnysack was downright scary.

Did the president just inadvertently end the pandemic? That’s the question asked by Graham Dockery after Biden admitted that “there is no federal solution” to Covid and that “it’s up to the states” to figure it out.

This one is going to make some folks uncomfortable but it’s a topic that needs examination. Tom Mullen makes a strong case for why the Pledge of Allegiance is un-American, even if the words seem patriotic.

This past year has seen a very clear line drawn between parents and government school bureaucrats. Two questions that are worth a closer look: 1. Just what is education? and 2. Is there a plot to push parents out of education?

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