2021 December 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The beauty of the Constitution isn’t found in the government it called into existence. It’s found in the restrictions and limitations it imposes on that government. Huck Davenport has a great essay on the single most important thing we can do to save the Constitution.

Isn’t it curious how so many people perceive a political stance in an individual’s stance either for or against the various Covid mandates? For instance, it’s entirely possible to oppose mandates and not be a Trump fan. Donald J. Boudreaux explains the unhealthy relationship between Trump, Covid, and despotism.

As the people who wish to rule us continue to lose their grip on us, you’re going to hear more calls for us to be disarmed. Case in point, the Atlantic just claimed that more people carrying guns tends to result in more shootings. Jon Miltimore points out how decades of data proves the wrong.

Have you seen the hours-long lines of people waiting to get tested for the omicron variant? As Jeffrey A. Tucker explains, it’s a perfect example of how government overreach is creating a health care crisis.

Politicians and bureaucrats tend to be given a stature that they rarely deserve. Dr. Fauci is a good example of this. John Stossel reminds us that officials who claim to be the embodiment of science should not be taken seriously. Sen. Rand Paul agrees: Fauci is not beyond reproach.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just exactly how we have lost so much freedom in such a short time, you’re not alone. T.K. Coleman has a great explanation for how freedom is lost.

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