2021 December 20 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

To illustrate the depth of the scientific divide over Covid lockdowns and vaccines, take a closer look at Fauci, emails and some alleged science regarding the Great Barrington Declaration. Phillip W. Magness and James Harrington have some eye-opening evidence regarding how far the powers that be are willing to go to silence dissenters.

A lot of public health “experts” seem to think they can control a virus. Jordan Schachtel says, in reality, these experts in government and academia are exposing themselves as clueless charlatans who want to control the rest of us.

The people and systems that seek to rule us work overtime to convince us that they’re simply responding to what we really want. Paul Rosenberg warns not to believe them and he describes why we’ll be so much better without them.

Going to college used to be the key to a brighter future. Unfortunately, a college degree just doesn’t open the doors it once did. Peter Clark has a compelling explanation of why college degrees are losing their value.

The question that should be on our minds as 2021 draws to a close: where do we go from here? Thomas Luongo describes what it’s like finding strength along a post-Covid Fury Road and reminds us to remember who broke the world in the first place.

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