2021 December 16 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It’s curious how hard some people are willing to exert themselves in order find reasons to believe in the state. What’s happening to Julian Assange is a perfect example of this. For the Assange case explained simply, Caitlin Johnstone gets right to the heart of the matter. A very worthwhile read.

If you haven’t been following Dr. Peter McCullough, he offers a principled and informed counterpoint to those pushing the official response to Covid. In fact, his recent interview with Joe Rogan is causing serious heartburn for the Covid narrative managers. Especially when Dr. McCullough describes how doctors worldwide were restricted in how they could treat Covid patients.

If you’ve ever read Thomas Jefferson’s writings, it’s not hard to see why he is widely considered the architect of liberty in America. That’s why it’s a safe bet that the history erasers will be coming for his statutes sooner than later. Paul Krause has an excellent essay in praise of Thomas Jefferson and why his legacy of freedom must be erased by the historical revisionists.

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