2021 August 31 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Given the number of people who’ve been vaccinated who still become infected, vaccine passports seem like a pretty useless idea. Nevertheless, according to Helen Andrews, the U.S. government is plowing ahead full steam to implement them. This is one of the places where we can draw a line and say “no.”

If anyone has the right to say, “I told you so” it would be Michael Snyder. He has been warning of our nation’s alarming change in direction toward dictatorship for many years. In his most recent column he makes another point worth considering–this thing isn’t going to correct itself. We have to quit playing along.

Each week Eric Peters from EP Autos drops by to give his take on the passing scene. This week we touch on how the government “saves” us money, who killed the electric car that worked and why you should trust your instincts to never do what government is insisting you do.

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