2021 August 24 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

When it comes to standing for what matters in your life, are you a disciple, a follower or a cheerleader? Gary North wrote a marvelous essay back in 2004 describing the structure of a movement.

If you are one of those brave souls who feels a sense of calling to extricate yourself from the mass psychosis that grips so much of our society, you are likely part of what is referred to as the Remnant. To understand why the Remnant is so essential in troubled times, I highly recommend Albert J. Nock’s essay “Isaiah’s Job” as something you should read sooner than later.

It’s fascinating how many people will go along with the dominant narratives we’re being force-fed right up until those narratives fall apart like a soup sandwich. James Howard Kunstler has an encouraging take on the latest showdowns and throwdowns.

The president is openly encouraging businesses to mandate vaccination for their employees. Another perfect demonstration of how if you can’t persuade them–force them. Michael Tracey has an interesting take on how injection resistance is becoming a class thing among the people who sell their labor rather than their souls.

One of the most encouraging things that a lover of liberty can see these days is another person’s smiling face in a public place. Thomas L. Knapp says it looks like Americans are beginning to ignore the mask mandates and that’s a good thing.

If you are a dissident in the age of Corona Communism, you should hold your head high. Allan Stevo says the most important lockdown to end is the one within your mind.

Eric Peters joins me for our weekly conversation. We talk about the disturbing precedents being set by the various public health mandates as well as insurance and extended warranties.

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