2021 August 18 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Are we supposed to believe that anyone who hasn’t yet availed himself of the Covid vaccine is doing so out of selfishness, stupidity or is clinging to conspiracy theories? As Hannah Cox explains, these aren’t the only possible reasons that one might abstain. The real issue is that some people simply will not be coerced into doing something against their will.

The reactions to what is happening in Afghanistan are revealing a curious blind spot that many Americans have regarding what their government has done and is doing to other nations. Edward Snowden has some fascinating insight into what’s happening over there and he has a warning for us. If we’re convinced that Afghani citizens are trapped in a hell of their own making, what does that say about us?

It’s not bad to be generally trusting of other people. But check out this TikTok video of a preschool teacher celebrating her latest triumph. And then take a few minutes to watch this Utah school teacher on the first day of school, laying down the ideological law to her students. Now ask yourself, is it possible that we’ve been a bit too trusting of those who are shaping our children’s minds?

At the risk of sounding like the old man who yells at clouds, why is the spectacle of men in dresses becoming a thing? Annie Holmquist has a timely reality supplement for those of us scratching our heads at the gender-bending fashion trend that seems to be taking hold.

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